Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is going on? Are you crazy?

Any suggestions on what is going on in this picture? This morning my girls went outside to play with the dog. You know the dog who has had bad behavior recently and I know it is because we have not been working with her like we should. At some point it started raining and they forgot about the dog and just played. At some point this picture happened. After I took the picture I posted it on facebook and asked everyone to guess what happened. Here are the responses: balance beam? did you offer gymnastics lessons? :) and it's raining... this looks strangely familiar A+" for creativity :) I hope that Hope didnt jump on the other side of the teeter-totter while grace was sitting on Oh goodness.... first concern is that the other end of the board is anchored to a car that rolls...other than that...way to go ! Now you know you would have done the same at your age. Who lifted the boards for them? Mmmmm too much Olympics? Going for the Gold maybe? Miss y'all! This actually looks like some of the stunts my siblings and I pulled while growing up. We all lived to tell about them. :o) The truth is I walked out there and started fussing and then said "wait, get back up there so I can take a picture". After the picture I said "don't ever get up there like that again". These girls crack me up! I was more concerned with the tires rolling out from under the trike. By the way have I told you how much I love my backyard. I love that they can run around and play. Pamela


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