Monday, April 24, 2017

A Better Day

Last Sunday was not a good day. This Sunday was amazing. I woke up showered and did my annual shave. Don't laugh we all know we can relax in the winter.  When I came downstairs my amazing husband had breakfast made. 

We all ate breakfast. Two boys were dressed for church. No crying just dressed. My college boy was up and dressed, 

We went to church where I set next to my hero. After church we came home. I ate chocolate cheesecake a friend gave me. Then relaxed in front of Netflix. While I relaxed my hero and Jacob went fishing. 

Before I went back to church I took Grace to good will. Church was amazing. It was more of a Bible Study. I love our new pastor and his style of preaching. 

After church I stood in the parking lot for almost two hours and chatted with another mom. That in itself filled my love tank. 

I am so grateful for a day to relax and just be together. 


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