Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Birthday 

This little boy is turning seven in a couple of weeks. I am not ready. This is my snuggle buggie. He was so small when he joined our family. Not walking and hardly talking.  He randomly shook. We had so many appointments to figure out what caused what looked like seizures. We never found out what was going on. We think it as stress. Occasionally his little hands will tremble when he is nervous. It is nothing a little snuggle can't fix. 

I remember the first time he called me momma. Oh what a privilege it is to be his momma. I will never take for granted that his birth momma is giving me this privilege. I will never take for granted the minutes that God has given with me. 

James has a smile that helps him get away with more than he should. He is so smart but he does not want others to know just how smart he is because then they would not baby him as much. 

Happy birthday baby boy, I love you!


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