Friday, April 21, 2017

Another Crazy Day

This week has been crazy. Actually the whole month has been crazy. My husband would deny this but his memory has not been the same for the last six months. I asked him to take my daughter to the orthodontist. He has taken her many times. I have a husband who can remember directions to anywhere. I was shocked when he called me ten minutes after he left to ask for directions on how to get to the orthodontist. This is where my day goes a little crazy. Twenty minutes later my hero called me to ask me to look for his keys. Okay I am going to bullet point again because I do not even know how to explain this. *my hero calls me to ask me to look for his truck keys *I need him to explain how he drove without his keys; I did not know that was possible *the girls and I spent 20 minutes searching the house, the driveway and the trash for his keys. At some point that morning he had cleaned out his truck so he had no idea where they would be. *I told him I would bring him his spare keys. This is where I should mention that he has a wand that turns on the alarm in his truck. *as I pull out of the driveway onto the main road I see his keys. They had flown off the back of his truck. I actually only found his keychain, part of his wand and a couple spare keys *so I take him the spare key from the house. This is where I explain that I do not enjoy driving especially in construction. But I did it, I was not annoyed at him because we all make mistakes and it was honestly almost comical. *I arrive at the orthodontist and he said the piece of the wand I found would not work. So I offer him his spare (he can bypass the alarm). That’s when he looks at me and says…… *he says, I do not need the spare, I had a spare in my truck. YOU HAD WHAT, WHY AM I HERE *he said, I told you I only needed you to come if you had the wand. Pretty sure that was not said *at this point I decide I am going to do a facebook live video. I have done live videos before but never shown my face. I honestly am not okay with my appearance right now. So I start the video, I am laughing about my morning. That’s when my hero walks back to my car and…. *starts screaming at me about how I did not have to drive down and he did not tell me to come down. I love this man but I think the stress of the last week had gotten to him. He does not scream at me daily. This is where I ask you to pray for him. Between getting out of the Army, looking for a job, having heart surgery and general life he has been under a lot of stress.


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