Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Broken Heart

A health scare. Every year my hero has a EKG to check his heart. You see his father died at 64 and his brother at 31 of a heart attack. Every time he had a test it came out fine. No signs of distress. That was until he was clearing to get out of the Army. I will give you the short version. We found out in January that he had a blockage. Two weeks ago he entered the hospital for a angiogram and we thought he would leave with stints. We left that day with scary news. They told us that he had 5 blockages. The plan leaving the hospital is that we would meet with the surgeon and schedule open heart surgery. Let me pause here and be selfish. For twenty-four years I have not slept well. I have had hundred of nights wondering if my hero would be alive when I woke up. Getting out of the Army was suppose to mean nights full of sleep. No more worries about him being with us. He is now out of the military and I still cannot sleep. It makes me angry. Angry is a understatement. I thought this was our time to relax and enjoy life. Except now I lay awake at night watching him sleep, I listen to his breathing. This week the decision was made to once again do a angiogram and place stints. My hero had two stints placed yesterday. He came home this morning. Two of the blockages cannot be stinted, one was not as bad as they thought. This is wonderful news. He is very excited because it means he can go back to the gym and to the chiropractor. He can now accept a job and continue his search. God's timing is always amazing to me. Why he chose to keep this heart issue from us until now is something I will never understand. But I am so grateful, grateful that the problems were found before they became worse. Grateful that it looks like he is healing nicely. Please continue to pray for our family as we decide what the next steps are for our family.


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