Thursday, April 20, 2017

What a Day!!

What a day!!! I do not even know how to explain my days sometimes. I swear we should have a camera crew following us. I am going to share the first few hours of my day so you can laugh. It was Easter morning. I knew I would not be going to church because my husband was released from the hospital the day before and I would not leave him. So I woke up at 4:30, yes AM and woke the girls to take care of animals. While they did morning chores I made two egg casseroles for the potluck at church. When the casseroles were done I drove the girls to church. I took our son with us. On the way to church he asked why he could not stay at church with the girls. I explained that for the last month he has hidden after church and not come to us. Because of this I could not allow the girls to be responsible for him. That set him off. This is where I am going to stop writing in paragraph form and hope you are not too offended by my lack of grammar. So just laugh or cry with me as you read the rest of my morning. *after we dropped off the girls my son asked to stop for breakfast. We stopped for donuts, while at the donut shop the child kept mumbling. I asked what he wanted and he continued to mumble. So I paid for our stuff and we left. * I am going to be honest; I was feeling pretty wimpy on the way home. You see my college son was still home in bed. I did not mind missing church to care for my husband but if my son was home he could have cared for my husband and I could have gone to church. So I turned up my praise music and decided to just get over myself. Just as I was starting to feel better about my day a little voice from the back seat said “can you turn off the ruckus”. EXCUSE ME and he repeated it. I did not lose it on him. I turned my praise music up and continued to drive home. *when we arrived home I informed said child that we would not be watching TV because we needed less ruckus. This set off WW3. He decided to scream and jump and tell me he was waking everyone up. Needless to say my morning was stressing me. I finally thought I could breathe and ate a donut and started to relax. That is when….. *That is when I heard my husband scream, a panicked scream. I went running up the stairs. He thought for sure he was bleeding out. You see he did not remember the doctor saying he would bruise. He did not bruise the first time he had this procedure. He only remembered that he needed to watch for internal and external bleeding. I instantly had him lay down and called 911. We eventually realized that what he was feeling was pressure. The pressure was a combination of swelling and needing to urinate. It did not help that our three year kicked him which is what woke him up. This is where I am going to be honest. Once I knew he was not bleeding externally and there was nothing I could do but wait for the ambulance I went into a different mode. I realized how messy the hallway looked. I was chucking things in rooms and shutting doors. I was cursing my daughters because I realized you could not walk through the upstairs bathroom. This is common after three girls shower and get ready for church. I was just praying they did not want to take him into the upstairs bathroom. *The ambulance left after he signed a refusal of treatment form. I am so glad he was/is okay. *my college son woke up in the middle of all this. Jacob on the other hand did not realize that 6 EMT’s were five feet from his head. So Michael left for church. You would think life would slow down. *I made Rob breakfast, cleaned out the fridge, straightened the kitchen, then sat down to check on Rob *just then the college boy called to say he got sick at church and was coming home *when Michael got home I needed to leave to pick up the girls. As I am walking out the door I realize that my three and six year old had spilt strawberry powder all over the kitchen and were now rolling in it and using it like sand. I would like to complain and say the day was a complete waist and cry. But you know what? I have all my children home, my husband is alive and home with me. I had time to remember that while my day started crazy no one was beating me, no one was denying my existence; I am not dying so others can live. That is what Easter is about; it is about remember what Jesus did for us. I do not think I will ever be able to wrap my head around the pain he went through for me or how I will ever be worthy of his forgiveness.


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