Thursday, April 6, 2017

My Tongue Hurts

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue. This week my tongue almost has holes in it from bitting it so much.    After my husband signed out of the Army we jumped in the car to get home. He drove home in his uniform. When we stopped for gas someone (okay a guy walking his dog) decided to scream foul language at my husband and telling him the war is over. My hero kept his cool.  This morning we had our taxes done. The lady preparing our taxes asked if we still had all those kids. Hmm, I never knew getting rid of them was a option. Then she told me that she knows someone who has ten kids and they HOMESCHOOL. I told her we homeschool but I don't think she cared. She told me that she would send all the kids to school. I did not respond. I wanted to but I did not.   I am hoping tomorrow is a better day and that my poor tongue has time to heal. 


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