Wednesday, February 22, 2012

AT&T-ouch this hurts

Dear Cingular,
After 12 years of amazing customer service you have not only let me down but saddened me to the point of tears.
Let me explain. Several months ago my hero called and said he would like information on suspending his account when he deploys. Something we have never done in previous deployments. You were so kind and assured him nothing changes (except our bill). He would be able to keep his number and his current plan and features.
Yesterday I walked into our local store. I asked for the wonderful OLGA, the lady who has always treated us wonderfully and respectfully and has worked with your company for 12 years. I hand her my hero’s orders and she makes the phone call to your company. The same thing she has done a million times. This is a military community and there must have been 25 soldiers walk into the store while I was there.
Here is where the problem happened. She called to say she needed to suspend the account. She was told that they cannot suspend his account because he is not deployed he is in basic training. Let’s think about this, he has had service with a military discount for 12 years. I do not know of any basic training that is 12 years long. Olga offered to fax in a copy of the orders and was told over and over that it was not necessary because the DOD website says my hero is in basic training. She assured him that she had met my hero many times and he was not in basic. That he has been in the Army for 19 years. The man refused to accept anything she said. She asked to speak to his supervisor and was put on hold for no less than 20 minutes. Finally the employee came back on and gave her a fax number. An incorrect fax number. I waited another 10 minutes while she got that figured out and faxed in.
I called AT&T this afternoon to verify his account had been suspended. I was told:
a. That it was in problem resolution and they had until February 28th to decide if they would accept his orders. NO, I DID NOT LIE TO YOU, this is what outrages me, and I feel like you are calling me a liar when I can prove otherwise. Remember I have been a customer for twelve years.
b. That although we were told months ago by the company and again yesterday in the store that he would NOT lose his roll over minutes or any current plan, we would now lose his rollover minutes. When he comes home he can have the same data package and phone number. But would lose any texting rates and anything else like roll over.
c. You also told me that you would call the store and educate them on what they are doing wrong. That the policy changed last year and they must not know the current information. That you sent my hero an e-mail a month ago explaining what he would lose. That you no longer suspend accounts, you close them.
d. So I called my local store back. I was again told that all that was done was his number is suspended (or cancelled if you want to be technical) and I am now the primary number. That WE have not lost anything.

I cannot believe the amount of run around. I am now told I have to wait to find out if you will accept his orders and you have until the 29th to decide if you are going to believe his government orders or not. I would like you to tell me why I should keep a service who does not know the regulations as a company.
I am sorry but I do not understand how a company that deals with soldiers on a daily basis cannot get their act together. My hero is not setting on a beach somewhere; he is not here reading good night stories with his children. He is fighting for your freedom. Your freedom to treat him like trash, to tell him that his military orders are not worth the paper they are written on. Please help me understand this. If I calculated correctly I paid you over 15 THOUSAND dollars in the last 12 years. I am asking you to comp us maybe $200 and I get this amount of run around. How is this okay?


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