Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Question Friday

1. Did you do anything special for your kids on the last day of school? Or did you parents do anything special for you? We are still doing school, I wish I did something special. 2. What's your favorite summer tradition with your children? Really this sounds so bad but besides sleeping in later we do not have many. School goes on most of the summer. 3. What was your favorite thing to do during the summer as a kid? Spend time with my Big sister through big brothers/big sisters. Her parents had a pool and I remember spending hours there. 4. How old were you when you were married? Were you a Bridezilla? Since we did not really have a coordinator or anything I would say I was a normal person, well maybe a bridezilla on the day since I had to know every detail of the day. 5. What is your favorite girl name? (I'm needing suggestions.) Hannah Joy will be our next name for sure, I love the name Mercy and Liberty too. Boy oh boy, my answers are not good this week. I should really do not sound very encouraging. Pamela


Tami McCoy said...

I don't see anything wrong with your answers - and I like the name Hannah too.

Sandy said...

Oooohhh, Liberty.  Great name.  That would TOTALLY fit in your family!

Marcella said...

I know 3 Hannah Joy's quite well! :)

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