Monday, June 4, 2012

Miscellany Monday

What a wonderful week. First, I had a friend come over last night and I took zero pictures. She came over to pick up something but I convinced them to stay for chicken. Only her husband cooked probably 10 pounds of chicken. I wanted chicken for the week and have never tried grilling. This week my friend Kristi’s stepson was involved in a accident in Afghanistan. This breaks my heart, this scares the snot out of me, this reminds me how precious life and marriage is. This reminds me how strong God is and how much he is in control. Please pray with us as Josh heals. This week was so funny. We took a friends baby to the grocery store. First someone assumed it was my son’s baby and did not believe him when he said it was not. Then the bagger thought my son was my husband and went as far as to ask Grace how old he was when I was buckling the baby. Cracked me up! This week while we had this precious baby at the store he pulled his apnea monitor went off. His alarm started beeping louder and louder. I am trying to stay calm and remember how to turn it off and keep up with 2 carts of kids and groceries. This lady behind me actually complained about the noise. SERIOUSLY, this blessing has to use an apnea monitor and you are complaining about a little beeping. This week I caught my son with a basketball in his hands. This may seem normal to some people but if you know Michael you know how that thrilled me. Pamela miscellany monday at lowercase letters


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