Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Question Friday

1. What do you keep a stock pile of? Right now I have 16 cases of cereal because I found it on sale. But I must keep a stock pile of toilet paper. What if I got sick and could not go shop for more. The world would end. 2. If Ben & Jerry asked you to invent an ice cream, what would it be? No calorie, no fat, no making my stomach hurt pumpkin cheesecake. 3. How do you blow off steam? Taking a nap, taking a walk, but my favorite would be gabbing with a friend. 4. What would you do if you had an hour to yourself anywhere within a ten mile radius of your kids, no hubby, just you? If I had one of those nice bathtubs I would say a hot bath, a long hot bath with a good book and maybe a ice cream sundae. 5. When you were 16, what was your curfew in the summertime? Don’t remember having one, my mom was one of those moms who just knew I would be home. Pamela


Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

Good luck on the home inspection, you will do fine I'm sure.  

1.  I stock up on butter, icing sugar, flour and vanilla beans and of course, toilet paper.
2.  Don't know what flavour of ice cream but it would have chocolate in it!
3.  Walking in the country always clears my head.
4.  I'd probably just bake more with an hour to myself, that or read.
5.  I had to be in the house at 8:00 p.m. until I was 16 years old.

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