Friday, June 15, 2012

Feeling Beachie

1. There never seems to be _patience to go around___ 2. I love to _people watch, I know that sounds horrible but I do. So much fun__ 3. I could _train jumping out_____ outta ___of my dog if I took more time and ignored my kids_____ 4. The last time I saw a movie______, _was with my son and it was wonderful to have time alone with him. ______ Did you know I was giving away Journey 2: Mysterious Island. I do not think there are any entries yet and it ends soon. You can enter here. Pamela


hilary said...

i love people watching too!

Profwaynewsmith said...

+1 for people watching too.  Humans are such interesting creatures.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Yes, not enough patience. That's something I can relate to on occasion.

Friday Sillies #30 - Dads & Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun

Lucy said...

I think people watching is so much fun too and patience is no longer in existence!

Have a wonderful day :)

Jennifer said...

I also love to people watch!

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