Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feeling Beachie

1. My neighbor’s cat__makes me laugh, she leaves dead animals on my porch as if it is going to change my mind and feed her and let her in. 2. Sometimes, no all the time animal cops___makes me sad, makes me angry and makes me want to shake some people. 3. My _life through deployments__ look so much easier ___ after _they are over and he is home safe. __ 4. When I hear _my children laugh with (not at_) each other__ I _smile and know I will miss it one day__ Pamela


wayne said...

How true...Kids grow up so quickly.  Have a great weekend.

Tami said...

Enjoy those kids while they are small. But I have to say that having adult children is an awesome experience too!

Lucy said...

So agree, miss the laughter the most!

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