Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sneak Peak

I thought you might enjoy a look into my life and a great way to look at my life in real time is to follow me of Facebook. I can post a million comments a day or none for a week. I am probably one of the most open people you will meet. So here are some of my facebook updates from this week. I don’t mind the neighbor’s cat leaving us gifts on the porch but I do mind my kids trying to keep them by hiding them in Ziplocs. (Update: that poor rodent stayed on my porch for 2 days while I convinced the kids we were not going to dissect it. ) But how many days until Michael comes home? When do the girls leave? Why do they have to go to camp? (Someone has some anxiety when everyone is not home) You did it mom, you are just like dad now? (After I drove our suburban up on the curb to get closer to a door to unload) A certain little boy is not happy with all the kids going to camp; he said they do not need to go to camp? Mom, you are missing pants, when I do not wear pants you tell me to find my pants. (sometimes, okay all the time I get out of bed and take meds and let the dog out before getting dressed) Nothing like driving 45 minutes to pick blueberries to find out they decided to close for the day. Mommy mistake #1 today, getting a call from a child saying mom you turned the alarm on before I could get into the car. Please let me out of the house. Black bean brownies are in the oven and Banana pudding cake cooling in the fridge. Now how do I spend the rest of the morning? (I was baking for a group of people, we had spaghetti, salad and dessert) Just saw that ice cream can be as addictive as tobacco, no wonder I cannot eat enough. (Later I made banana ice cream) I am constantly assuring my precious boy that Michael will be home in a few days, he doesn’t understand why he cannot just call him. Dinner must be good because the kids are on their third serving and asking for more. Mom can we play house? You can be the mom? Just sent my mom back for a massage, after spending the week with me she needs it, before going home. (it was a surprise, should have reminded her to shave first). I hope you in enjoyed a look into my life and the little notes so they would make better sense. What was the funniest facebook update you saw this week. Pamela


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