Sunday, June 24, 2012

My week was crazy to say the least

What a week, no wait not a week 8 days! My mom came to visit and we kept her moving. No sleeping in, no relaxing. She arrived Friday night just in time to find a child with staph and another one upchucking. Welcome Oma! I woke her up on Saturday to walk the track with me, you know since it was beyond hot and sweaty. Then we picked up our precious girls from summer camp. Made some stops but really cannot remember what all we did. Woke up Sunday and had breakfast. Made ooey gooey bread for the first time. Then we went to the outlets which are about 90 minutes away. This in itself was fun but add in toddlers and strollers and a ton of walking outside and you are talking about an adventure. Monday we went to thrift shops. It was nice because I got to visit with a friend for a few minutes while we were at a thrift shop. Came home and took my son to youth. While he was at youth we walked the track. Tuesday we went to the zoo. The kids loved it and so did my mom. Then we came home long enough to cool off before heading to boy scouts. While Michael was at scouts we walked the track. We got home just in time to collapse in bed. Do you think my mom was tired of walking the track with me? I have come to realize walking the track keeps the kids moving and that helps everyone. Wednesday was wonderful. We woke and went blueberry picking. I did not get nearly as many as I wanted but we had a great time. We left there and went for a picnic at the playground. Went birthday shopping? Came home and made fresh blueberry muffins. I am excited to go blueberry picking again soon but we are going early in the morning next time. Thursday was amazing. It was my daughter’s birthday. All she wanted was a day at the beach. So we spent the day at the beach before coming home to have friends come over to eat dinner and cake. I think she had a great day. Friday was supposed to be a down day but we hit the ground running. We went to more thrift shops and ran a couple errands. Then we dropped the kids off at a friend’s for a night alone. We went to dinner and then I surprised my mom with a massage and then to the movies. It was wonderful to have time to just talk with my mom. We did not get home until after 10. Saturday was the day my mom left. We woke up and had pancakes for breakfast before running to the one store I kept forgetting to take her to all week. Then we dropped her off. After that we still needed to get Michael a haircut and a patch sewn on his uniform before coming home to make sure he was packed and ready for camp. Today is Sunday and well I am determined to relax. I made muffins this morning before dropping Michael off camp. I am home now and refusing to move off the couch. I have dishes that need done and laundry that needs folded but it can all wait until tomorrow. So how was your week? Do you have anything fun going on this week? This week I plan on spending time with friends and getting my girls packed. They are going to grandmas for almost a month. They are so excited. I bet I could ask them to do a year’s school work this week and it would happen. Sadly I did not take a bunch of pictures this week. I think I was too busy enjoying myself to think about pictures. I love having pictures to look back at. And this is a boring blog post without pictures. Pamela


Jen said...

Sounds like an amazing time with your Mom! :) 

marsha said...

thank you my baby girl i so had a wonderful time and can't wait to spend more time with you and my grandbabies and i must add thank you for the great meals..

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