Monday, October 22, 2012

Gun Safety

Have I told you I am taking a gun class in a few weeks. I am kind of excited. It is actually gun safety and carry and conceal class. I do not plan on carrying every where I go but it would be nice when I walk alone. So my hero took my daughter and I to practice shoot. She shot a total of 3 shots before she was done and played on my phone. I on the other hand shot cases of ammo. I definitly need to go back a couple of times before the class. I am so nervous I will look stupid at the class. After shooting Faith decided where we should eat. She chose Pizza Hut because of the salad bar. Pamela


beckeyp said...

The man of the house just recently took me for my first lesson with his handgun and I loved it!
I'm not a great shot, but better than I thought I would be! I can't wait to hear more about your class!

Rachelle Christensen said...

Pam, I've been trying to reach you via email concerning the blog tour you're participating in for Toby Gold. The msg keeps bouncing back. Could you contact me, please? Thanks so much!

Eliana Lerma said...

Yeah! That's a great reason for you to be excited! A gun safety lesson is a necessity to understand how firearms should be properly used, and it's not boring in the first place. I hope you enjoyed it a lot! :)


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