Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weigh Loss August

So today is really September 2. I am so excited to be writing this because by the time you read it my hero will be home and the surprise will have happened. I wanted to update you on my August weight. T his has been a tough month. It seems like this weight is sticking around longer. The last time I wrote was August 5 and I weighed 184. Today is September 2nd and I weigh 175.8. That is 9 pounds in a month. I mean that is not bad when I think about it by the month. It is really hard when you have a week with no weight loss. I am determined to get better about exercise. Friday night I had friends over and I ate more in one meal than I have in months. Then Saturday morning after a trip to the zoo I went to Zaxby’s. I came home and did the elliptical for 60 minutes. It was not bad at all. After 20 minutes I thought okay I will do 30 and then I just kept going on and on by 5 minutes. Normally I do not exercise on Sundays but I decided to today. I only did 30 minutes. I had not lost weight all week but woke up this morning and had lost a pound. I constantly have to remind myself it is the end game and not the day to day. It is funny but this is the first month I have not had my daughter take pictures. That is because I bought new clothes and had my son take pictures. I bought a pair of pants and four shirts. I am trying to decide what to wear when my hero comes home. Originally I thought I would wear my long black skirt but really I think the blue jeans show my weight loss. I bought a pair of size 11/12 dress blue jeans that are nice and I like them. They are probably what I will wear. I also have a pair of size 10, yes you heard that right a pair of size TEN jeans and I might wear those. They are not as fancy but show the weight loss. I am in a weird spot. I am wearing makeup and loving my jeans and really enjoying tank tops. All things that are not normally me. I mean I do not want to wear the tank tops in public unless I am walking the track. It does worry me. I want to make sure that I am not losing who I am while losing weight. I hope that makes sense. Pamela


Brenda Chapman said...

Pam I think you look great and don't get disgusted with yourself and start eating. Just remember that your Dad;s side of the family is big boned, that's what I keep telling myself. I know when I was your age I was continually on a diet and even now I fight every day with my weight. Keep going it will come off and I know your husband is happy with the way you look. I have been diagnosed with Diabetes and Mom had it and my brother Joe has it. If you get a chance and go for a check-up, please have them check your sugar level, just as a precaution. It doesn't hurt to be cautious. Again you look great keep up the good work. Tell your family I said hay and hope all is well.

Beckey said...

Everyone hits that point where they seem to plauteau for a while. You have been doing a phenominal job and are such a great inspiration!

Patricia Erb said...

Your doing great and im sure no matter how good you look you will not compromise your morals. Its ok to feel better in things that you would normally not. You look great and You are so inspiring!

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