Thursday, October 18, 2012

Super Undies

First I want to apologize. I was given this wonderful review months ago. I could not wait to try it out. The problem was life got busy. We have had a few wonderful things happen like my amazing husband coming home. Let me be honest and say I have never used a cloth diaper before and was not totally convinced that they would be as easy as they said. That was until the package arrived with our very own Super Undies. Not only were they easy to put on but they were not super bulky. I know the pictures show a unhappy boy but they were too cute not to post. I love that they are made like a pull up. Only this one can be re used. Have you seen the prices of the disposable pull ups. Take a minute and look at all of there products. They have a awesome waterproof toilet rug. This is a definite need in a house with 3 boys. I do have to say my brain is one that has to be taught how to use a product. I know it is a pull up just pull it up (don't laugh). But for me I needed to know how to install the insert. I wanted to make sure I used it properly. I was amazed when I clicked on the video section of there page and found the perfect video. You can watch it right here. If you have ever thought about using a cloth diaper this would be the one I would chose. Please take a moment to look at there site with your child. They have really made it fun for the little ones.


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