Monday, October 1, 2012

Miscellany Monday

What a great week. My husband has been home a full week. It seems like time is flying by. We have spent lots of time taking walks. Only let me tell you it is not speed walking with 6 kids. Can you guess what my husband and daughter are pushing the strollers with? My husband is such a push over with the kids. They knew when they heard the sounds of the ice cream truck they ran to dad. Funny how they know just who to go to. I told you recently that I bought a new mixer. It is a DLX mixer. When I pulled the dough roller (not hook) up this is what happened. Too cute. So tell me how was your week? Pamela miscellany monday at lowercase letters


Pamela Kuhn said...

Oh, I love the pictures with the strollers! Nothing sweeter than daddies playing with their kids. That bread dough is kinda creepy.

Patricia Erb said...

<3 I agree with you, the first few weeks home after deployment fly's by so fast! Super cute pushing the strollers!! Thats so awesome your mixer makes it look like a star ....i wounder can you get it out and bake it as star bread?? It would be super cool to bring that to Christmas dinner.

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