Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 3-it is still staying interesting

So how are things going here? You may be wondering. Things are going well. Actually things are going better than I planned or could count on. You know already that on his first day home I maced my husband. You also know on day 2 he tried to kill me by spraying oven cleaner in the living room (he thought it was furniture polish). You would think things would calm down. NOPE, not in our house. Today was just a crazy but in a scarier way. This morning we dropped my son off at a scout event. This would give us about 2 hours to be alone. We would be out shopping but alone. He was excited to buy me clothes (I think he is enjoying my weight loss). Everything was going well. We were in a store when my husband makes a noise and goes flying out the door. A little old lady (in her 80’s) had fallen. She did not step up on the curb. She had a gash on her hand but was okay. She was so sweet, she thought she could finish her shopping and be okay. We tried to call her daughter but there was no answer. She finally agreed to go to the hospital to have her hand stitched. She was completely okay mentally and funny. She fussed that if she would just have stepped higher and used that dang cane she would have been fine. We kind of argued back in forth while my husband and a local store worker wrapped up her hand. After much talk we convinced her to let us drive her to the hospital. So my amazing husband (hero) drove her to the hospital and I followed. We got her settled in. I knew it was not a big deal and she would be okay, this was just a case of her missing the curb. We left her at the hospital with our phone numbers. Driving home I finally reached her daughter. I just called again (I hope they do not think I am a stalker). She said that they were at the hospital all day but she is stitched up and home on pain meds. She said she felt like Scarlett O’Hara being picked up and rescued. He was her night in charming armor. I am so glad someone else got to see what I see all the time. The kids did great today. The boys have let dad out of his sight. Hope on the other hand wants to constantly be touching him. She is enjoying him. Okay, just a quick talk about weight loss. Yesterday I entered a new stage. I am officially in the 160’s, only by a couple of ounces but I am there. Rob is definitely in this with me. I have seen him cutting back on what he eats. I picked up some low calorie chips earlier today and he did the same. I reminded him he could eat whatever he likes. He said “if I could do it, he could do it”. We have walked twice together since he came home. I was nervous about how I would stick to my diet with my red meat eating man. I have realized that was not needed. I have so much more I want to say but my kids are in bed so that means it is time for me to have quiet time with my hero. Pamela


Jen said...

Wow! You both are wonderful people! :)

Patricia Erb said...

<3 You guys are so awesome!! Way to walk in the steps of Jesus!!!<3 Big Congratulations on getting down to the 60's. I am 5'8 as well and i feel that that is the hardest to get to. So a thousand high fives. =)

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