Monday, September 17, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Randomness. 1. I have been keeping a secret from my blog for many months. I cannot wait to share with you over the next week and come clean. I hate secrets. 2. I had my hair colored this week. It took three trips to the salon to get it how I wanted but I think I will like it. It was mostly not my fault and the hair dresser was beyond amazing. 3. My friend Jolene welcomed home two new blessings this week. Her family amazes me and has encouraged me. When we were blessed with our boys it was wonderful to have someone to run things by. Someone who had been there and understood some of their feelings and behaviors and help me know how to support them through the transition. Please stop by her blog and read her story. 4. My son parked cars at the fair grounds for the last 6 days. He really enjoyed it. It was nice because he had some people speak rudely to him. I know that should not be a good thing. But it gave me a reason to talk to him about customer service. He enjoyed it because when the cars were parked he was able to relax and hang out with the other scouts. 5. This week I made 6 loaves of bread, 2 BIG pans of brownies, cookies, and am going to make a peanut butter cake. I really enjoy baking for others. 6. It is almost time to start making welcome home signs. I am so not a sign maker. 7. This week a lady was walking down the street in front of my house. She stopped and asked if she could dig up some of the bulbs for my flowers and have them. I said yes because what could I have said. I almost laughed because currently there are reads almost as tall as my mailbox. I know that is horrible but it is truth. 8. My vacuum is not working, it blows out dirt. Not good in a house with 6 kids. It is not a year old. I have been using my shop vac. I am counting days until my hero is home and can fix things. 9. I have acne around my chin. Coming down from both corners of my mouth. I have not had acne in years. Any suggestions. 10. I am reading a book called, wild at heart. It is a amazing book. Have you read it and if so what did you think? Pamela miscellany monday at lowercase letters


Beckey said...

#9 - oh my goodness me too! One would think I would be well past that in my early 40s!

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