Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feeling Beachie

I love feeling beachie, I love this weekly blog party. I love all the questions. I think it gives you a chance to get to know a different side of me. This week Hilary made me co-host and I could not be more thrilled. What a wonderful honor. I would love it if you linked up, I would love it if you told her how appreciative I am. The statements are: 1. The last time I was on vacation, I went to _Myrtle Beach for a weekend get away with my hero. I cannot wait to have him home and go away again. __ 2. For _my birthday __I like to eat_KFC chicken, with homemade mash potatoes and a good piece of cheese cake with chocolate fudge.__ 3. My heart hurts when_I see my soldier deploy___because__I know that he is missing his children grow up and all the changes that happen in our lives. 4. Why must people be cruel to children with disabilites_______ just to__cover there own insecurities or lack of knowledge about their condition. ________. Pamela The code is: Pamela


Judy said...

i too find it hard to believe that children are put down instead of being encouraged to be better.

Annie said...

KFC sounds delicious! Thanks for co-hosting and posting your answers. They're all wonderful :)

Hilary Rick Grossman said...

KFC - yum... haven't had that in years!

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