Thursday, September 20, 2012

My hero is home

I have been keeping secrets from my blog. I did not tell you he is coming home. He is home now.
Not only is he home but he is home to a wife who has changed her hair color and lost 77 pounds. I will share more of our journey and more of my weight loss journey soon.
But for now I am enjoying my hero. Except for the time I maced him. It was completely a accident.


Annette Higgs Smith said...

you look great, you look like a totally different person! I cant wait to hear about the weigh loss journey, I keep working on it and giving up and gaining back :(

Jen said...

YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! So happy for you that your hubby is home. :)

deborahpucci said...

This is beautiful news. I am thrilled for you and your family. Enjoy!

lindseylu said...

yay for him being home! And holy smokes Pam! You look AMAZING! I bet he was about to jump you right there ;) haha!

Kristileab said...

I'm glad he's home! You need to catch us all up! Weight loss and accidentally macedonia your husband? What?!

Beckey said...

Wooot!! Happy Homecoming! Pamela you look completely different from all the pics onyour blog! Time for an update!

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