Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pot luck food

How many potlucks do you attend a year. It seems like we are always being asked to bring food to something. I do not mind. I love cooking. The problem I have with potlucks is it is that there is not always things for kids. So I love making kid friendly food. We have all made pigs n the blankets. My new favorite thing to make is pepporoni rolls. Biscuits (you know the kind that comes 4 cans for a couple of dollars) pepporoni string cheese First take a biscuit and roll it out using your fingers layer a piece of pepporoni, cheese and another piece of pepporoni wrap the biscuit around the peporoni just like you would the hot dog bake for 10 minutes. I add spaghetti sauce on the side for dipping. YUMMY, I have been saying that alot recently. All this yummy cannot be good for my waist line. Actually each pepporoni roll is only about 70 calories. Pamela


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