Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weight Loss part 3

Weight loss update May 15-Jun15 I have really upped my walking this month. I am really enjoying it. I also started blogging on myfitnesspal so I could remember some things to tell my husband. Again, this is totally hard to keep from him. He is amazing. Here are a couple of my post from My butt hurts-May 16 Just want you to know my butt hurts. i do not know if it is from walking last night. Not bad just weird. So funny, I just want this written down. A couple of weeks ago Rob came on line and we used webcams together. The picture is not perfect. Well I had my hair in a pony tail and he asked me if I got my hair cut. So funny because I could shave my head and he would not notice. I think he noticed something in my face but does not realize it. So hard not to tell him sometimes I beat anger, today May 18 Okay, so I may not be exercising like crazy. But I am proud of myself. Yesterday I literally had someone rip my heart out and I came home from that and DID NOT eat chocolate cake. I ate 2 eggs with 2 pieces of cheese. I walked at 5:30 am, probably faster than I normally do for part of it. Then ate breakfast and walked 3 miles with another friend. I have noticed if I can up my walking I loose more weight. I need to start walking more. I need to not give up on walking in the mornings. Okay, I am proud of myself for the last part of the day. For lunch I had a fiber one bar and apple dippers. Did you know apple dippers are only 15 calories (no carame l). Because I knew we were having a catered dinner. So I went to the dinner and had 1 piece of baked chicken and mash potatoes. I also had 2 bites of Michael’s pork chop to taste it, and one piece of cake. Although, I could have had more cake and all of Michael's food. I am so proud of myself for not wanting to eat more. I can do this; I can get angry and sad and not eat something crazy. I have not heard from rob in 5 days. I think this is the longest we have ever gone without talking. Sore foot May 22 Today was almost comical. I got up and cleaned like a crazy person. Then I went to see my thyroid DR. She took one look at my weight loss and started freaking out. She thought my thyroid was making me lose weight. I explained how I lost the weight and she still questioned me in great detail. After a while she said she was proud of my weight loss and that I was doing it exactly right. Last night i walked 4.5 miles with my friend Amber. My first was not feeling well. I do not think there is glass anymore but it is sore. Tonight while Michael was at scouts I walked 5 miles. I think I am going to try to go back on Thursday and walk again. This weekend is going to be stressful because it is my first real trip with all 6 kids alone and the food will be crazy. Weekend plans May 28 What a great weekend! I conquered taking 6 kids on a trip for the weekend and not only that I was able to not eat like a crazy person. This week I lost 3.8 pounds. That sounds awesome. This weekend we stayed in the hotel for 3 days. I made it to the gym two of those days. It was awesome. I used the treadmill and the bike. I came home full of dreams of joining a gym. Then I decided before I allowed myself that I would use our treadmill for a while. The only problem is that it is in the HOT, but I can do it early in the morning and place a fan on me. So this week I am determined to use my treadmill more. I am determined to use that dang elliptical too. So tomorrow I am going to wake up and use the treadmill and then the goal would be to go walking on the track while Michael is at scouts again. It is time to get busy. I have 3 pounds until I am below 200, I think if I work really hard this week I can make that happen. A crazy week May 30 I have to be honest when I woke up Monday morning and saw that i had lost 3.8 pounds last week I was so excited. That night my friend reminded me I was not using a different scale. So I was not complete surprised on Tuesday morning and realized I had gained back 4 pounds. That means I lost nothing last week. Seriously worked out harder than ever last week and even did not do terrible on our trip. Except I did not drink as much water and we ate later at night. I would like to say it is not bothering me but it is. So it will motivate me to try harder this week. I was so excited at the thought of getting below 200 this week. Well maybe next week, Last night at boy scouts I stayed on the bike 30 minutes and then walked for 80 minutes, maybe I am building a little muscle. Working my butt off May 31 Working my butt off, hopefully literally. I walked 40 minutes this morning. Then I did 10 minutes on the elliptical. I really want to try to do this more often. A friend said it really helps with your hips and boy do I have hips. This evening I did 30 minutes on the bike and walked 60 minutes. I am getting there. Less than 4 months until my hero gets home A week’s difference June 4 This has been a hard week. I woke last Monday and was thrilled to find out that I had lost 3.8 pounds, woke up Tuesday morning and Cried when I realized I had gained 4 pounds. I have worked hard this week. We had krispy kreme at church yesterday and I did NOT eat a donut. I am almost scared I will wake up tomorrow and have another gain. Today I am having eggs for breakfast, chicken for lunch and dinner. /then tonight I am walking with my friend. That is if it does not rain. Visitors June 24 Oh wow how I wish we could post pictures. This week was crazy. My mom was here and we were crazy busy and ate out a ton. I was really worried that my weight would suffer. I did okay with it. I may have even lost a pound or two. If not anything else it at least let me know that I can do this. I did feel bad for my mom because we did not eat out at yummy restraunts. I am down to less than 3 months before my hero comes home. It is hard because we are not talking very often right now. Yesterday was hard; all I wanted was junk food. I mean like a snickers bar and chocolate cake bad. I have no clue what was going on. I feel better today. OOPS June 26 Can I just say keeping this secret is part fun and part miserable? I guess it is also laughable. Yesterday my husband said he saw a picture of me on facebook. Sure enough my mom had accidently posted a picture with me in the background. I was not mad but wanted to shoot her. He said it looked like I had lost weight. I told him it was not me and did not know what picture he was talking about. Then promptly removed the picture before he could go back and look for it. Okay so remember I wanted to shoot my mom. That all changed when I realized I had posted the same picture on my blog. Then I went back and deleted it. only a few more months and then I can share this journey with him Total weight loss this month 8.2 pounds


Kim said...

You are doing awesome, congrats! Remember, cravings change by the time of month, too ;). Some days I feel like I hardly have an appetite and watching calories is no big, and some days I feel like I wants every sweet thing in my belly asap!. Hang in there, I think this is such a cool suprise, I would never be able to keep it! Good for you, it's going to be awesome!

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