Sunday, September 23, 2012

The time I maced my hero

Day one-the last of the story Did I tell you that I am taking a gun safety class? I really think I need to carry something on long trips and when I am walking my dog alone. You may think I am nuts after reading this story. My husband has suggested for years that we take walks together. Something that sounded good but until recently was intimidating. Before we walked my hero had to see the dog. Actually when he got home the first thing he wanted to do was check in on his puppy. It was so cute because Abby (the dog) stopped and stared at him from across the yard. Moved closer and looked at him again. I am sure she was trying to decide if this man was okay. Then all of the sudden she took off running at my husband. She was so funny; she was so excited that she kept flipping in circles. Around and around and around and could not calm down. She would run away and then come back and look at him again. So cute. Okay, I know you are waiting to hear about mace. So we decided to take a walk after dinner. I decided to take my mace. We begin our walk. Please keep in mind that we have kids with us who do not exactly walk a straight line. We start walking past this street and a dog comes out of nowhere. A very friendly dog or so it seems. I instantly get defensive and scared. I am a big scared cat when it comes to strange dogs. My husband walks the dog back to its yard. Only a few seconds later it comes close again. This time it comes close as in touching my dog. I panicked. Long story short both dogs are on their hind legs and I am panicking. I start screaming for my husband to mace this dog. Only I have the mace. The dog comes at us again and I start making the dog. The only problem is that my husband is close to the dog trying to get it in its yard. My husband instantly starts sputtering. At this point I am walking back down the hill. I hear my husband sputtering every now and then. From the bottom of the hill I watch him. A couple of seconds later he is laughing and I am trying not to cry from laughing so hard. I just maced my husband on his first day home! I am sure I will never here the end of this. The kids did finally go to bed and we did finally get a few minutes alone. Oh and do not feel too bad for my husband. Because today he decided to dust off the entertainment center so he could rearrange the TV. Well instead of using furniture polish he used oven cleaner. I was gasping worse than he was. If we do not kill one another I will be back to tell you more about our life. You know things like why my hero used a crinkle cutter to cut up potatoes. Pamela


Beckey said...

bwahahahaha!! Totally something I would end up doing!

epiceric99 said...

Double over kind of laughing!! What a hilarious story - this one's for the books!


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