Thursday, September 27, 2012

My secret part 2

Written July 2012 April 16 weight 224.4- May 15 211 pounds I started a biggest loser contest with friends. Honest after the first week I thought there is no chance I can win this. I already lost the first 20+ pounds that are the easiest to lose. But I stayed in it. I liked the motivation. I started walking more. I even moved my elliptical into my room. Which is something I said would never happen. My stats: April 9-16 down 4 pounds April 16-23 down 1.2 pounds April 23-30 4.2 pounds down Total April weight loss was 13.4 pounds Total to date: 39 pounds Pamela


Beckey said...

Pamela, this story is such an inspiration to me!

Marcella said...

Awesome, way to go!!

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