Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day one-the rest of the story

Day one- the rest of the story After Rob saw me it was time for the kids to see him. I was wondering how James and Jason would react. Jason has told me for weeks how much he misses him. I do not think he totally believed he was coming home. When he first saw Rob he looked and then looked again. Then I think he finally flew into his arms. That little boy was not aware of anything around him. He just clung to him, head in Rob’s neck not looking at anything else. The other kids hug him and cannot stop talking to him. Hope is asking him if he brought home dirty laundry for her to wash. Michael is consumed with rather I surprised him. Grace just wants to hug him. It was so precious because he looked at Grace and said “you have big girl teeth”. These are the things he misses that most people do not realize. At one point Faith was holding the baby when he leaned over into Rob’s face and waved at him and smiled the biggest smile. Then he got in Robs arms and just hugged him and refused to let go. I did force them to let go long enough for us to take some pictures. I cannot wait to share the pictures the amazing photographer took. What I am showing you was done with my cell phone. I did not even remember to pull out my camera. I also forgot the welcome home signs. How in the world after 8 deployments do I forget welcome home signs? As you know they give you a couple of minutes (okay 15 minutes) with your soldier before they take them away again. So Rob gets back on the bus to turn in his weapon and pick up his gear. We made it home. The noise in the car was crazy because everyone needed to tell dad something. Things they have already told him on the phone but things they needed him to hear. Things that were important to him. After he got home he showered and tried to breath. Can you breathe with 6 kids talking to you constantly and climbing on you? So we ordered pizza for dinner. That really surprised me because normally he cooks a big steak his first day home. I told Rob during dinner that if he wants a minute of peace we would have to take a walk with the kids. Because, while they are with us they are not on top of him. You are going to have to wait a day to hear about the walk. Let’s just say it included skinned up toes and mace and a strange dog. Pamela


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