Friday, September 21, 2012

Day One with my hero

Day one with our hero home. My hero is home, I guess you know that. This deployment is over. I want to tell you some of our day. I woke up early to go get my hair done. My hero knew I had it colored but did not know what color. Since he left with it curly and blonde, I wanted it to be straightened and curled. I came home and straightened the house. Not that you could tell an hour later. We got everyone ready to leave. We were getting ready when I got a phone call saying he would be arriving early. So I put it in hyper drive. We were getting text messages asking if I was excited. Honestly at this point I was not excited. I am very task oriented so that is all I could think about. I honestly was nervous he would not notice my weight loss. So we leave for post. I take the girls to a friend’s house so she can braid their hair. Have I ever told you how bad I am at doing hair? It is scary. I am fortunate to have many friends who can help. We arrive at the hangar at noon. His plane was to arrive at 12:15. If you know me you know that is crazy. I am always a hour early for everything. We find the photographer or she finds us rather. I cannot wait to show you the pictures she took. Within minutes the plane was landing. I had arranged for the kids to set in the back of the hangar and me to stand closer to the front. I wanted to be able to get a picture of him seeing me without the kids. Expect picture over load. I have so much to tell you. Things like how the kids reacted when they saw him, how I maced him on his first day home. What are plans are now that he is home. Pamela


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