Monday, October 22, 2012

Miscellany Monday

What a wonderful week, didn't I say that last week. Life is pretty wonderful when my hero is home. Crazy busy but wonderful. This week we had 2 dental appointments for 5 kids. They love going to the dentist. I asked Jason what the dentist said and he replied "hold my hands down here (by his side), hold my hands under me under his back). It was so cute. I could hear him talking the entire check-up. All the kids pased but sadly one needs to see the orthodontist. Then at the end of the week my hero and I went away by ourselves. 2 nights ALONE, 2 showers without someone knocking on the door, 6 meals with noone asking for a bite, 48 hours of talking and giggling. I would like to say mornings filled with sleeping in. But sadly I do not sleep well in hotel rooms. This week is going to be even crazier. Let me just give you a look into today. I get to pick up my wedding rings (they have not fit in months), go grocery shopping, pack for a 8 day trip. Not just any trip but we are camping with 6 kids. which means clothes and toys and pots and pans and food. It is so worth it because we need time as a family. Oh and I think the best part of the week was going to lunch with my beautiful daughter and husband. She is getting so big. Pamela miscellany monday at lowercase letters


kim said...

stopping by from Misc. Monday. Sounds like a nice getaway with your husband. They are always much needer. I hope you have a good week and fun time camping.

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