Thursday, October 4, 2012

weight loss-August

this was really written on August 5, 2012. Can I say how much I dislike not being able to post pictures. As of today i weigh 184.4, that is 62.6 pounds down. I started at size 22 and today I went to cato's and bought a medium and large shirt and a size 14 and size 12 capri's. The down side is I lost my anniversary ring. I am hoping in the house. i knew my rings were big, I could wear them on my middle finger. But honestly I do not have great confidence that I will keep the weight off so I do not want to have them sized yet. I put my engagement ring and wedding band in my jewelry box. I bought a generic ring today so at least my finger does not feel naked. Pamela The pictures are from 247 pounds and 184 pounds and my new ring.


Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

You are doing amazing on this weight loss endeavor and you are looking as great as I'm sure you must be feeling. So sorry to hear about your ring, hope that you do find it or if lost while shopping, that someone turns it in to Customer Service.
You should be quite proud of all the work you have done to lose this 62.6 pounds. It takes a lot of commitment and I wish you continued success with it.

Patricia Erb said...

<3 You are amazing !!!

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