Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weight Loss part 4

249 at Christmas June 15- July 15 Okay, time for some better pictures. People are really starting to notice now which is really encouraging. I have gone from a size 22 to a 16 and it is AWESOME, although I have no idea where to buy clothes at. The competition is over. I lost a total of 15.78% weight. That is 35.4 pounds total loss. I did not win, my friend won. Tough to lose, even tougher to lose by a pound. Not a total loss when I say I lost 35 pounds in 13 weeks. I lost 9 pounds this month. Here are some of my blog posts from myfitnesspal.com: Traveling and weight loss July 4 Good morning, I just wanted to check in. I am not updating my weight this week. I am in a biggest loser contest and this is the last week. My friend and I are really close to each other in the competition so she asked that I not post this week. I so get it. Although I would really love to see how she is doing. It is going to be close. I have been working harder over the last couple of weeks. I walk with a friend and she is trying to get in shape before a trip so we are using it to motivate each other for the next 3 weeks before she leaves. This weekend I went home. Not easy, drove 13 hours + in two days. I knew I had to eat at my favorite biscuit place twice. No way can I go home without eating there. My mother in law is amazing and always makes sure everyone has their favorite foods. So hard to try stick to any kind of diet while traveling. Then I went out with a friend. I only ate less than half a brownie and stuck with water but man oh man it was so hard. I was really worried about the driving part and not snacking. I did chew a lot of gum and drink a lot of water. Biggest Loser competition July 9 This is what I wrote on my weight loss competition page. Good morning, weight turned in. Now I want to share a bit of my story. I was anorexic in high school and as a young adult. After I got married I wanted a baby and was told continually that I needed to gain weight. And boy did I. After my first sons birth I was told again I had lost too much weight. So I started packing on the weight. Great at the time. But they did not mean go up to 245 pounds. I could no longer play with my kids, cleaning the house made my back burn. I ate to be happy, I ate to make other people happy, I ate to hide when I was upset. I ate to eat when I was born. In February my hero (husband deployed). Right before he left we were up late talking and he nicely said we both could stand to lose a few pounds. Something he had said. He left and a friend invited me to join myfitnesspal. I ignored her, another friend invited me, I ignored her. Finally one of them called and said you can say no but do not ignore us. I almost cried because what they did not know is I had already given up my beloved mountain dew. I agreed and on March 1 i started my fitness pal. Then soon after that my friend Becky Nicholas Smith asked me to join this competition. I said yes. After the first week I thought it was a mistake. I was already down over 20 pounds and everyone was losing that early easy weight. Within a few weeks I realized that win or lose it was great motivation and so worth it. Becky and Jen and I have encouraged one another we have talked and talked and talked. So today I can say I have lost 35.4 pounds since starting this competition. So win or lose I have won. I have motivation to keep going. And on a brighter note this is all going to be a surprise to my husband. He has no idea I have lost weight. I cannot wait for him to come home in September/October and show him. I do not have a number I am trying to get to. I do want to be able to chase my 6 kids; I do want to not cringe when I get on a roller coaster. I want to be able to do a zip line with my husband and not be told I am too heavy. I want my children to know that food is fun and healthy. Not just food. My son has lost 20 pounds since February. I think part of it is just growing but a big part of it is our new life style. I rarely eat out (because not much I want to waste calories on). I no longer keep a bunch of junk around. So how have I lost weight. I started on myfitnesspal (trooppetrie) with 1800 calories and am now down to 1200 calories. I walk several times a week. I walk with the kids in places they can hang out at. I walk around the playground while they play. I am trying to use my elliptical but have not gotten past 10 minutes at a time. I am not stopping today. I am going to take it slower this week. But next week the next competition is starting and i am going to hit it hard. I have 2 months (more or less) before my hero comes home and I want to see how much I can lose before then. Grocery Shopping July 9 I am allowing myself to splurge this week, just a little bit. Funny what splurge means now? I ate chicken with the skin yesterday. Thought about eating the whole meal and it just did not seem worth it. I did have half a candy bar. I wanted to try the new Girl Scout cookie candy bar. So I got one last night and split it with my son. Funny it was still less than 100 calories. I have all these recipes I want to make but do not even have ingredients anymore. I am making a yummy goodness for church tonight. Counting down until I can have it. Although I think I will take chicken for dinner. This morning for breakfast I am making pumpkin oatmeal. As i am making it I am realizing this could be a everyday food. No oil, 2 eggs but that is about it. Skim milk, oatmeal and pumpkin. Okay, I am off to eat a yummy food. Dr. Phil and weight loss July 13 I am up before the kids and watching Dr. Phil. It is about people wanting to lose weight. I had to giggle because this lady said she cannot afford to lose weight. I almost laughed because I keep saying when (not if) I change my life and keep this weight off then I am going to write a book on how to lose weight without spending money. Do not get me wrong I would not mind a membership to a gym so I could walk on the treadmill in air conditioning. I am a people watcher and would enjoy exercising while watching people. But reality is i still would not have childcare and a gym membership is not in our budget. So how do I lose weight without spending money? 1. First find a friend to encourage you 2. I have found a couple of places to walk that is safe, the first is a track on post, not close enough to a street and the kids can run in the center on the grass or even play in the sand box. I know you are thinking sandbox at a walking track. Yep, really it is the long jump but the kids do not know. The baby stays in the stroller and walks with me. He loves it because I have special toys and of course snacks. 3. Take those rare moments to exercise. Sometimes we go to the playground. I walk laps around the playground. It is great because I can see everything they are doing but instead of setting on a bench I am moving. 4. When we go to the playground I look for ways to exercise. Our favorite playground has a piece of equipment that encourages the kids to be able to stay balanced. I did it for 5 minutes one day and the next day my ribs were killing me. Pushing children on the swings really works your arms. How do you stay on task without spending a ton of money? 195 pounds I will bring you the next update soon. Only 2 more months until my hero comes home. I am getting nervous about him seeing me. Getting nervous about how I will keep up with it once he is home. Pamela


Lindsie Nutt said...

im giving you a pair of skinny jeans. cause you looked hot today.

Becky Nicholas Smith said...

So proud of you Pam!

Jen said...

You are amazing! :)

Patricia Erb said...

you are so awesome!!

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