Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Question Friday

1. What did you wear to prom? Include a picture if possible. Oh man, do you remember the hoop? Do you remember the stick on bra? Please tell me someone else has worn stick on bras? 2. Would you rather be on the biggest loser or a food eating challenge? Oh man, that is hard. WAIT, I do not know what the eating challenge is so I would say biggest loser. But remember I have said a million times if I was to be put on a show I would love it to be what not to wear. Please someone turn me in, my wardrobe needs some help. 3. Done fave sonic drink? Refreshing summer drink? (Hey, Kristina...was that a typo, or some "done good" Southern thing?)I say an oreo or reece cup blast, not technically a drink but my favorite sonic item. 4. What was your first car, and what did you call it? It was a chevy chevette. I do not remember naming it. 5. What's one thing your child or spouse does that sends you over the edge? When one kid tells another kid to do something. I think I must say a hundred times a day “I AM MOM AND YOU ARE CHILD, STOP TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO”. Yes, I screamed it. It drives me batty. Pamela


Megan@MondayMorningMusings said...

Oh wow, three proms? I'm jealous.
And you look adorable with the "take the dang picture already" look :)

Anna Worden said...

You are rocking the dresses!  Love it!

Jessica @ Green PB&Js said...

I had a chevy too! Love the prom pics! lol -Jessoca

Amy McDonald said...

I used to make dresses like your red one for my barbie dolls- love it!

Tiffany said...

Love the "laser lights"  background in the last picture! Ha!

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