Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I love homeschooling, but I do miss out on all the cute little crafty things. This year I decided to ask my children all the questions from one of the poems. There answers cracked me up.
1. My mom is ________ years old Hope 30 Faith 30 Jason 40 Grace 20 Michael 38 Answer: 37 2 She likes to __________ Hope play house Faith helps me Jason good things like kills bad guys, but I am a good guy Grace cook (and buy grace soda) Michael sew Answer: all the above and I think I am pretty good at playing house 3 The best thing she cooks is___________ Hope macaroni and cheese Faith poptarts (homemade) Jason macaroni and cheese Grace macaroni and cheese Michael I don’t know, I do not eat your cooking Answer: I guess poptarts was my favorite answer 4 Her favorite food is ________________ Hope chicken Jason eggs, sausage and biscuits Faith spaghetti (I wish you could see her head spinning trying to think of a answer) Grace macaroni Michael kfc Answer: KFC chicken with mash potatoes 5 Her favorite thing to relax is____________ Hope walk Faith to take a nap Jason take a rest Grace take a nap Michael- taking a nap Answer: pretty true, taking a nap or going to dinner with a friend 6 We like to__________ together Hope watches tv Faith go walking Michael goes to movies Jason clean up the yard, we are helpers Grace goes out and eats at cracker barrel (not taco bell) Answer: I love doing it all with them 7 She is really good at Hope being a mom Faith sewing Jason clean up trash Grace cooking Michael umm, cooking 8 My mom is special because_____________ Hope because I love her Faith she could help me with anything Michael she gave birth to me Jason she loves to eat bananas Grace you gave birth to us Pamela


Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

Not only are you very special but you are raising some pretty special people too.  Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with your beautiful children.

Trooppetrie Petrie said...

thank you, that is very sweet

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