Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hotel living

Ugg, I am getting old. We decided to go away for the weekend. My first time traveling with 6 kids. So first the hotel charges me double and says it will come right back off. NOPE, luckily I have USAA and they fixed the hotel error. Then last night I get the kids asleep which by the way so much easier than I thought. That was until 10:40 when a group of seniors came in.
Here is where I am old, at almost midnight I lost it and called the front desk. She assured me they had there own chaperones and security. Yeah, not working. It was 1:30 and they will still talking about food orders outside my door. So this morning I complained again. They said they would be here again tonight but assured me they would be in there room by 11pm. I decided to switch rooms to a floor without teenagers. The thing is when I check in I unpack suitcases and organize the room. Glad I enjoy doing this because I have done it twice in 24 hours.
I am not mad at the hotel, I could the employee was beyond over whelmed and was really trying to keep them quiet.
Today we are going to a POW WOW and I am so excited. I have never been to one. I just wish I would have brought my good camera. What are your weekend plans?


Armyknightsbelle said...

We are going to  Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic and the Maple Hill Cemetery Memorial service. We went to a Pow Wow and Skylar loved it.

bourlandcs said...

LOL oh my word I have to tell you.  When I read "in come a group of seniors", I thought you meant old people.  LOL  I was sitting here wondering why the needed chaperones and why they were being so noisy.  Hahahahah

I think I'm clearly the one getting old.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Jennete Mark said...

My long time favorite is the Pier
House at the foot of Duval St. It has its own little beach. The weather is hot,
hot, hot, but because of consistent ocean breeze it feels a bit less so than
many other Fla. Cities.

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