Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have a problem. I have this man in my life and I just cannot stop kissing him. It has been a problem since we were in high school. It makes me feel safe and secure and like all is right with the world. One time in high school we had a disagreement. We made up and well did what all high school sweethearts do after a disagreement. We kissed. All was well in the world. Well until I heard my history teacher call us out. You see kissing was prohibited. He sent us to the principle. The theory was if you were caught doing such things you were suspended. I was not worried about that. But I thought he must be terrified because he was a straight A student and did not get in trouble. So there we sat in the principal’s office. He walks in (I wonder why I cannot remember his name). Takes a look at me and then at my husband (wait I mean boyfriend). And ask us if the kissing was worth being suspended. My boyfriend says YES, what he is a goody tooshu. The principle almost laughed and reminded us there was a football game Friday night. So because he was a football player they sent us back to class with a warning. I am happy to report that nothing has changed and we still kiss all the time. It is mornings like this I miss his kisses, that I need his kisses. A way to tell me all is still right with the world. A way to tell me that he still loves me and that he is safe. Twenty years later and his kids are still as soft as in high school, how is that possible? Pamela
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Marine Wife said...

Hahaha! Too cute!!! And what a guy!!!! Following from blog hop at Hope you hop by too! :)

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