Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday Mornings

Today I am talking about how to tackle things. I want to tell you about our Sunday mornings. Oh boy, we need to leave the house by 7:30am. That means 6 kids up and buckled in the van by 7:25. So how do I do this? 1. Make sure the house is straightened up on Saturday night, because well honestly I am a bear if I have to step over things or something cannot be found. 2. Give everyone bathes throughout the day on Saturday instead of waiting until bedtime. 3. Brush and braid my 9 year olds hair, cuts on the screaming about it being tangled when I brush it out on Sunday morning. She still fusses but not as much. 4. Review what we are going to wear on Sunday and make sure we have shoes THAT FIT, ready to go. 5. Make a list of what I need to take; I often cook at church on Sundays for 80 people. So I need to make sure I have everything so I do not need to turn around. 6. Make sure the diaper bag is filled up with everything to include extra clothes for the younger three children. 7. We eat poptarts on Sunday mornings, yes store bought horrible for you poptarts so they can eat in the van. 8. And finally we leave the house early, so I will have time to stop for gas or traffic. That way I am not rushed or stressed. Okay, so it does not always go as smoothly as I want but this is the goal. By the way if the house is straightened then when I come home on Sunday afternoons I can nap. Which is my favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Pamela Want to learn other tacking it ideas then head over to 5 minutes for moms.


Jenn Vest said...

We have found we have to do some of those things now too with our service being so early!  We have to leave by 8 though.  You do a great job with the cooking and with your family.  Of all the jobs at chapel, I think the one you have would make me the craziest and so seems the hardest to me.  :)

Mindymc5 said...

I had to chuckle when I say the title of this post.  Sunday mornings at my house seem to be when the devil can get me the most!!  I lay out clothes for everyone on Saturday night and do bathes when we  can on Saturday's as you say.  BUT the shoes. THE SHOES are almost the death of me every week. I need to add that to Saturday night!!!

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

If I had to cook for 80 people on Sunday in addition to everything else you do I'd need a nap on Sunday afternoon, a long one!  Big families or small ones, keeping things organized and planning ahead is certainly the key.  Hope you enjoyed a good nap on Mother's Day weekend :)

Trooppetrie Petrie said...

oh man, i want to go to a church that does not require shoes and I am for sure my kids only grow on Saturday night because nothing fits on sunday morning

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