Thursday, May 31, 2012

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1. I always _ask the same questions__when I_talk to my hero.__ 2. Zumba___ is very hard for me to do, do you see how those ladies move their bodies 3. Whenever I eat _ice cream_______, I want to _up chuck, yet I still eat it regularly____________. 4. If I ruled the world, __deployments__ wouldn’t exist and everyone would _have daddy home for holidays. ______. Pamela


Bocafrau said...

In a perfect world deployment wouldn't be necessary and you could have your sweety home all the time. I love zumba but yes, it's hard. Some of those movements are rediculus!!!!

Lucy said...

In a perfect world we wouldn't need soldiers and your husband would be doing another line of work and be home with his lovely family, sigh.  Oh, goodness, I can't even imagine doing Zumba, I think it is great you give a try :)  I totally understand the ice cream problem :)

P.S. I notice you are on Blogger, my Fill In the Blank post is not on my Blogger Blog, it is on my Wordpress blog! Which is on the Linky!!

Profwaynewsmith said...

I am so uncoordinated Zumba would have me falling on the floor.

Jennifer said...

Love your answer to number 4! My sister and her kids would greatly appreciate it, along with SO many other families!

Hilary Grossman said...

Love your #4

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