Thursday, May 24, 2012

Home Inspection

We have our yearly home inspection today and I am a nervous wreck. What if the grass is not perfect or there is a spot on the wall. What if the kids act up or the owner has decided to sale and I need to try to move with 6 kids.It has always gone well before but this time it is different with Rob being deployed. Please pray with me that I have kept the house well and she is happy with how things are. It was my idea to rent intstead of buy again but man it is hard. Pamela


Tami McCoy said...

Good luck with the inspection. I rented for years when my kids were young so I know how hard it is to keep everything up.

Paula said...

I'm sure your home will pass with flying colors. Have a good night sleep and good luck tomorrow :)

building inspections Adelaide said...

A house inspections is typically a walk-through trip of the house, in which the examiner will go area to area to look at the position of the property. Examinations are usually quite specific, with the property examined very carefully. During the examination, the examiner will look for issues small and big, from a damaged cupboard depend to a dripping top. Examinations help to recognize issues that might become significant during the possession of a house.

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