Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cooking with kids

I love to cook, I love to cook for other people. The problem is/was that my girls always want to help. I keep forgetting that they are really old enough
to help me. This week I need to make banana pudding and decided this was a perfect time to ask for there help. I am determined to let them help me more. I need to remind myself the more they help the less I have to do.
Do your children help you cook, do they cook for you? Pamela


Tiffany said...

I need to work on that also. My 11 year old can cook a lot of things on her own, but I don't let her help as much as I should. My 14 year old isn't at all interested in learning, but I should probably start teaching her. The other two are getting old enough to start learning, but I just don't take the time to teach them. Sometimes cooking time is my quiet grown-up time...

Laurie Holcombe said...

My girls are old enough to h elp and when they volunteer I let them. Or if it's something that I know they enjoy, I invite them to h elp. I don't force them to help, etc by cooking one a week, etc. They do wash their own clothes and have  other household chores, though. During the summer my youngest and I bake 1 pan of brownies a week and take them to people in our community. She enjoys that.

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