Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Question Friday

1. What were you scared of as a kid? So many things, not having enough food, no one liking me, what would I do when I grew up. 2. Do you sleep well in a hotel? If it is a quiet hotel with a amazing bed yes. But the last two I have been in have not had perfect beds and loud people in the hotel hallway. 3. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who and why? Dr. Phill because my head needs help and the lady from what not to wear because my wardrobe is scary. 4. it’s a hot summer day. Do you prefer to be pool side or at the beach? Pool, actually neither for very long because I cannot stand to be hot and I burn in minutes. 5. What is your favorite summer dish? Banana pudding, and maybe frozen yogurt. Pamela


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