Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A day in my life

My Tuesday
This is the sounds in my house
Mommy got me in trouble, is what Grace is saying as she spanks herselft standing in the corner. This after crossing her arms and refusing to get in the corner when dad told her to.
Hope and Faith arguing in there room over which one is NOT cleaning
Michael in the kitchen mad because he has to take vitamins.
My head pounding because I do not have mountain dew in the house (with the economy the way it is I say buy stock in mountain dew, you know they will always have one customer)
The washer and dryer is going
The sound of my pampered chef pitcher breaking when it hit the floor
Candles flickering, I love the smell of a good candle

Okay my today list
Have kids finish up there chores
Clean up kitchen
Keep school going
Really work on pulling things out for yard sale
Take the girls to there final speech therapy
Take faith to piano
Maybe stop at KFC to pick up free food, have I told you KFC is my favorite food, maybe because they have mountain dew
Then home for dinner, steak and potatoes
Then the boys will leave for scouts
While they are gone I want to work on yard sale stuff

My thoughts
Do anyone else’s kids spank themselves when they get in trouble
Just out of curiosity, are you behaving if you take off your wet pull up while in the corner?
Ahhhhh, the house is now completely quiet except for the sounds of Michael playing with the fridge magnets.
I can survive this day without mountain dew, I can. Well, I think I can, I think I can, what do you think.
I need to send off box tops, I need to send a 3 letters to my pen pal that I have written and not mailed
I do have a wonderful life and wonderful children and I would not change it for anything, (well maybe I would make sure to keep caffeine around)


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