Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rob 10pm update

I wish I had some of those cute pictures I had to show you. Rob is hopefully resting now. We left him after pain meds and something to help him not be sick. The surgeon spoke to me in great detail after surgery and said that it is staph and It has been there a long time. The goal is to go back in tomorrow at 11:30am and put him to sleep and re do the clean out process to make sure they got it all. If they did , then we start the recovery and healing process. If they did not they will take him back to the OR a third day. She said infectious control has been called and will help decide what to do next.

Robert does not know this but she also told me that once she can tell he is healing and sends him home he will still be on antibiotics through a IV for three weeks. He now knows he will not be going to school and is not happy about this. I truly beIieve that God put us in Huntsville for a reason. And if we need to stay here longer than planned than we will. If this means we will not be able to move to Fort Knox this fall I will be sad but again I know that there is a reason. This is very hard on Rob because he has worked very hard for this promotion and deserves it more than anyone I know. He will still be able to go to school but not now. Please pray for his understanding of this. Please pray for healing, and that he would allow himself to do this slowly. He was telling me tonight that he heals quickly and he will be better soon. I pray he does not rush this process.

My friend has the girls until at least tomorrow night and Michael is with me. Please pray for the friend who is keeping my girls. She is a wonderful lady but she has several blessings of her own and is growing a new blessing.

I will be updating through Twitter tomorrow which is on our blog as I can tomorrow. And if I can figure out how to get the pictures off my phone I would love to show pictures of Rob in pre-op.


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