Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I love what mckmamma does with Not Me Monday. I wish I kept better notes all week because I feel like I live one big Not Me Monday. Her site is So here is my list for the week.
I did not hide my mothers day gift under the mattress when I realized my husband got me something I would not enjoy. I love my husband too much to be upset about such a silly thing.
I did not have my daughter sneak in my neighbors back yard to see if the repairman had done there work. Surely I trust the company who runs military housing.
I did not make a sheet cake to see if could make it look good and then write happy mothers day on it and take it to church, I did not then have my husband carry it in so no one would know I brought it, we are new to this church and it would look silly for a visitor to bring in a sheet cake.
I did not sign my husband up for twittering so that I would be more active on it and maybe he would know more about my day.
I did not get up at 5:30 this morning and clean and cook because I was feeling like I was worthy of mothers day
I did not completely throw my husband under the bus in Sunday school this morning, they were talking about all the ladies who had surgery this year and I told them of how happy I was when I needed knee surgery last summer. Because my husband had told me if I went to the doctor they would say I was just fat and old. He really did say it but I should not have told everyone. A lady actually took her shoe off to throw at him. Glad we were in church.
I did not fake being asleep several times when the kids came into my room this afternoon and I wanted a few more minutes alone


Pam said...

Loved your list, especially the one about your Mother's day gift. I'd have been likely to do the same thing at one point.

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