Tuesday, May 12, 2009

End of the day update

I did not figure out why my husband can not follow me on twitter. I did not get things in the mail. I did however get a huge amount of clothes out of the girls room for the yard sale. I did get a BIG box of stuff out of there room for the yard sale. I did get all of our VHS tapes packed up for yard sale. Okay, I kept the anne of Green Gables and a movie about bugs. I did go over what else I want to get pulled out with Rob. The kids did get school and chores done. I did not cry when we were leaving speach. I hate the end of anyhing even if we will see her in the fall. I did realize how much stuff we have. I am sure after this weekend I could go back through the house and find a ton more stuff to get rid of. Michael is 2 weeks away from finishing school and then I need to get ready to sell a bunch of home school materials. Faith will be using hers through out the summer. Tomorrow is another wonderful day. We will do the normal, and hopefully I will (faith will) get laundry caught up. I will be able to pull more things for the yard sale. Then Michael has a appointment and then he has his award ceremony for Awana's.


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