Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayer Request

That Rob will continue to heal
That Rob will be able to keep food down
That the children will be able to understand what is going on
That they will get home health schedualed twice a day, they said they would but someone said last night (not a nurse) that they really will only let them come once a day, I had a complete break down after that
That I will be able to take care of Rob and help him in the best way
That I will be able to figure out how to turn his paper work in for school, how to get the paper work done for him to be off work, that I will be able to set everything done correctly without stressing Rob about it
That Rob will be at peace about all that is going on
That he will be able to handle his dressing change with managed pain control
That I will not totally loose it or have a attitude in dealing with details
That we will be able to keep Grace away from Rob and keep her safe.


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