Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday update

We went back to Urgent Care this morning. We were not there long. I took the girls in with me for first time. I took school work and honestly it was not bad. They said it is not looking better so they gave him a new script. it is something he is already on but a higher dose. they also told him to continue with his second antibiotic at home plus they gave him his FOURTH Rocephin (I have no clue how to spell that). The new plan is to keep it wrapped tightly with a ace bandage, keep the drain in. apply heat to help pull everything out. they were able to get alot of yuck today. he will go back again in the morning to have the same thing done. they did talk to indectious control today. He was on doxycycline(vibramycin) 100mg 2x daily and co-trimoxazole (septra) ds 160/800 2x daily, plus the shot they give him daily. as of today they have him taking sulfmeth/trimeth DS (bactrim 800/160mg) 2 pills 2x daily and doxycycline. plus he is taking loratab for pain. I will update again in the morning. He did take another picture today and I may try to post it later. To me it looks worse today because all the bruises have come out.


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