Saturday, May 30, 2009

I did it!!!!!!!!!

We survived and did not get sick. I am worried I did not do a good job. We will see when the nurse comes in the morning. Rob said and I would agree she did not wet the gauze as much this morning and it made it stick a little. Hopefully it will be better tommorrow. We did accomplish this to the sounds of Michael and Faith arguing over reading abilities. And Grace crying. When I was done there was a little piece of clean unused gauze left in the saline so I poured both into the toilet before washing my hands. A few minutes later Hope went to the bathroom and came out holding the gauze. Her remark was "look what someone left in the toilet, I had to stick my hand in there to get it out". Can someone tell me how to keep things clean when Hope is sticking her hand in the toilet. Or even worse, do you remember what she did with the soap dispenser the other day. The kids are in bed now and we are counting minutes until we can get in bed. Thank you for all of your prayers, I have been dreading this evening all day.


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