Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who peed in the soap dispenser

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, who me? yes you, couldn't be. then who? I so which this was the story of my day but it is not. The song should go something like this. Who urinated in the soap dispenser, who me? yes you (thinking it would be the only boy in the house) couldn't be. Then who? Who did such a gross horrible thing in the house that bodily functions are not talked about. My precious little six year old. This is how it happened, well we all know how it happend. But this is how I found out.
Hope to mom- showing me the bottle of yellow soap- mom, someone pee'd in the soap
me to hope- no hope it was green soap someone must have mixed it with water making it yellow
hope to me- no mommy it is pee
me to hope- no one would do that give it to me
me- ooh this is warm
me- smelling it like a dummy- OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
me- pour it out IN THE TOILET and wash your hands
20 minutes pass with no one admitting it
okay we all assume it is the boy but if you know my boy you know he would never do that

me to all the kids-okay if you admit it I will not be mad but if no one admits it then dad will pick up the urine and have it tested to see whose it is

hope to us- okay, okay, okay it was me
me to hope- why would you do that, who would do that
hope to us- because I wanted to see if you would wash your hands with it.
I say all this to say if you are coming to my house, you better smell the soap before using it.


Rebecca at Turned Loose said...

no WAY! Oh my word...not sure how I would handle this one. Glad we're not six anymore around here.

Anonymous said...


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