Sunday, May 3, 2009


Grace had a rough week last week. Well really she did not know she was having a rough week. It started with a Asthma attack I could not seem to get to stop. So Tuesday we saw her favorite Doctor and he said her asthma meds had stopped working so he put her on new meds and on a three day steroid. Friday we went back for a follow-up. I could not understand why she was still coughing. We realized she has a ear infection. So she is on a anti biotic for 10 days. She will continue to take her asthma meds. We also realized she has lost a pound in the last month. The Dr. did not seem concerned since she has been sick. She will see the Gastro DR on Wednesday so we will see how her weight it then. Her current meds are amoxicellin, simbicort and prevacid.


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